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Bara kroppar is a Swedish group challenging body norms through the use of desexualised, dedramatised nudity in a tensionless, safer space. The name of the group means either “(they're) just bodies”, “bare bodies” or “(to) undress bodies” in Swedish.

Group description

With this group we want to create a relaxed safe space where all bodies are valuable, where no body is objectified or shamed, where we challenge norms, together.

We live in a society today with a powerful beauty norm, where the media feeds us pictures of “perfect” bodies, and everyone is expected to fit into a tightly constricted, gendered role of what a “natural” or a “normal” body is meant to look like. If you don't fit into the ideals you're bullied and ostracised, which not least this spring's discussion on women's armpit hair shows.

People are expected to feel shame before their body, control it and discipline it. As a consequence people today see and persist next to a consistently smaller number of other peoples bodies, and never without all the baggage that comes with the norms: that the body is meant to be judged, scored for points, elicit disgust or desire, never being allowed to just be. It's no surprise that we get an ever-more-skewed idea of what bodies can look like!

  • We want to show that there are all kinds of different bodies: hairy and hairless, short, tall, old, young, thin, fat, of every sex, white bodies, bodies of colour, queer, trans and not trans, disabled and not disabled.
  • We want to do it with social nudity, in order to remove (to as large an extent as possible) all body drama, shame, sexualization and aestheticization. Let bodies just be!
  • We want to do it without fuss, in a relaxed way, without a negative attitude to clothing and without confrontation—because we think it's a more challenging way to question the status quo, since it doesn't implicitly approve the supposed tension present in the nude–clothed dichotomy. 

We primarily work through our Facebook group, which is entirely member-driven and currently has around 80 members. Join it to come up with new activities, suggest events to plan, discuss body norms and come up with interesting insights.

Contact information can be found under “Kontakt” in the menu bar.

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